About Coffee Cann Cafe

“Origin of a Perfect Coffee Experience”

Always the coffee enthusiast, Justin Cann was on the search for the perfect cup of coffee and the ideal place to enjoy it. Disenchanted and dissatisfied with coffee chains and the inconsistency of local diners, Justin searched the world around for that one perfect coffee experience.

One day while trudging through the rustic villages of Sicily, Justin discovered an adorable little coffee house. Unlike most American coffee chains, the coffee house served a variety of healthy foods in addition to the traditional pastries and breakfast biscotti. Day after day, Justin visited the wonderful little coffee house. No matter the time of day, the coffee was always consistent, rich and satisfying. The food full of freshness; chilled fruits shined next to delicious yogurts. Smells of warm pastries and sugar-coated treats filled the air, while local musicians added to the ambiance. Justin had finally fulfilled his quest. Now he needed to know how he could further perfect his quest and idea. How was Justin going to share the perfect coffee experience with America?

In that quest, a new vision of the perfect coffee experience had been born. It’s an experience where the perfect cup of coffee couples with freshly baked traditional pastries, healthy foods and tasty lunch treats, all which can be found in the most comfortable, warm and inviting place in America. They called this place the Coffee Cann Café.

Indulge your senses amongst the bustling mill of Lawrence, MA. Your own quest for the perfect coffee experience will be complete at the Coffee Cann Café. 


Cann Family (Kara, Sheri, Justin, & Frank Cann)

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